Terms and Conditions - Game Rules


The "216K Room Escape Luxembourg sàrl-s" consists of a room in which players get the task of finding a way to escape from this room and get out. To accomplish the tasks they have 60 minutes. During the game, team spirit, intelligence, problem solving, logical thinking and technical skill of the participants is required.






The briefing begins 15 minutes before the game starts.


The game starts no later than 5 minutes after the agreed start. If at that time the participants are not ready, the game may not start and the participation fee is due.


Participants under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult.


Participation in the game is at your own risk.


The participant acknowledges that the door of the game room is locked for 60 minutes and it only opens with the solution of the tasks and puzzles. In justified cases, the door can be opened prematurely by the organizers.


People suffering of claustrophobia, panic attacks, asthma, heart disease, infectious diseases or other hazardous conditions should not participate in the game. If you chose to patricipate despite those conditions, it is at your own risk. For accidents, damges or injuries to health resulting therein,  "216k Room Escape Luxembourg sàrl-s" is not responsible.


Any damage in the game room is to repay.


It is forbidden to play in an alcoholic or dizzy state.


It is strictly forbidden to take pictures and video or audio recordings in the gambling halls.


It is also forbidden to smoke in the game rooms.


It is forbidden to bring objects into the game rooms, which could hurt others.


Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the game rooms.


Participants must always behave with accordance to the expected care.


A violation of the rules will result in immediate exclusion of the participant and the participation fee must be paid and will not be refunded.



 The secrecy

The participant agrees that any complete or partial solution of the riddles, tasks and/or set of tests "216K Room Escape Luxembourg sàrl-s" should be considered a trade secret, and disclosure to third parties hurts the legitimate economic, financial and commercial interests of " 216K Escape Luxembourg".


I confirm with my signature (on site before the game), that I understand the rules and the duty of confidentiality and that no circumstance prevents my participation in the game.