Difficulty 4.5/7

Number of players: 2-6

While on an expedition to Mongolia you discover an abandoned yurt. An unsettling feeling overcomes you, but your curiosity forces you to enter it anyway. You look around, but before your eyes can get accustomed to the half dark, a loud noise makes you jump…

The door slammed behind you and you are locked inside. Seems that you must explore the yurt's interiors more closely in order to escape.

But something about how the door slammed gives you goosebumps. A scary thought crosses your mind. "Is the yurt haunted?" 




Difficulty 4.5/7

Number of players: 2-6

You have to investigate Roses disappearance. 


The facts: Her boss, lawyer Clarence Darrell, and her doctor confirmed that she had a medical appointment on the night previous to her disappearance. According to the doctors testimony she never showed up. 


A neighbour observed Rose returning to the office after previously having left around 5pm, contrary to her boss claims. 


It is now up to you to solve the mystery of Roses disappearance.  




Difficulty 4.5/7

Number of players: 2-5

A distant relative has left you an old house and as you go to  accept your inheritance you find an unexpected package at the door. A letter attached to the package informs you that it contains your late great-aunt's greatest legacy as an inventor – her sentient robot, Gregg. He shipped himself to the house when he ran into some trouble on his travels around the world in hopes that your great-aunt would be able to fix him quickly, not knowing that she had passed away and with her all of her knowledge about his programming


Can you use the clues your great-aunt left in her workshop to save Gregg before it's too late and his artificial intelligence and memories are lost forever?


Can you save her greatest achievement and protect her memory?

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