kids and Teens

IMPORTANT: If you are interested in booking an escape room or outdoor escape game for a kids or teens group, please do so only by email or phone call.




Our room 'Haunted' is suitable for children of 11 years and up. Younger kids may play in the company of their family.

The room is available for groups of 4-7 kids and must be accompanied by one adult.




For birthday parties there are special arrangements available to you. You can ask for our e-invitation cards, as well as book an additional hour in a special room to eat your birthday cake. We also offer free entrance for one accompanying adult.




All of our outdoor escape games are located in Luxembourg city with the starting point at Hamilius.

They are 4 to 5 km long and last for 2 1/2 hours of playing time


'The Magic Portal' is suitable for kids and teens alike. We offer two different versions, one for children of 8 to 12 years of age and one for teens of 13 to 15 years


For both of these versions we recommend groups of 4-7 kids or teens with the mandatory company of one adult. There is the possibility to have several teams play simultaneously.



'Operation Mindfall' is suitable for kids aged 8-12 and teenagers aged 13 and above. 


For both of these versions we recommend groups of 4-7 kids or teens with the mandatory company of one adult. There is the possibility to have several teams play simultaneously. 

Opening Hours: 


Monday: on demand

Tuesday: 13:00-20:00

Wednesday: 13:00-20:00

Thursday: 13:00-20:00

Friday: 13:00-20:00

Saturday: 13:00-20:00

Sunday: 13:00-20:00

24.12, 25.12, 31.12, 1.1:  closed



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Address: 59, rue de Cessange L-1320 Luxembourg-City

Telephone:  + 352 621 418 310